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Best QR Code Digital Menu Maker , Ordering System , Call Waiter Option

Start a business with this Contactless Restaurant Menu Maker within 5 minutes. With the help of this digital menu, customers can scan the QR code and check the menu on their phones.
Chef Digital Menu Extended Offer Chef Digital Menu New Features
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu
Chef Digital Menu

Customer App Demo

Customer demo

Website Demo

Web demo

Restaurant Admin panel Demo

Store Webdemo
Restaurant Admin Login
User or email:
Password: 123456

Store App Demo

Store Webdemo
Store App Login
User or email:
Password: 123456

Admin Panel Demo

Admin demo
Admin panel Login
User or email:
Password: 12345678

Restaurant Admin panel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Items.
  • Category.
  • Addon Category.
  • Addons.
  • Order Notification with sound.
  • Orders.
  • View Order.
  • Promo Banners.
  • Pending Orders.
  • Update Orders Status.
  • Accept or Reject Orders
  • Print Orders.
  • Subscription Plans.
  • Table Management.
  • Store Settings.
  • Ordering Option On/Off.
  • Copy Store URL.
  • Waiter Call Option.
  • Order Status Screen.
  • Print QR Code.
  • Customers List.
  • Service Charge.
  • Store Wise Currency.
  • Tax.

Admin Panel (PHP Laravel) Features:

  • Login.
  • Add ,Edit, Update Stores.
  • Enable Disable Stores.
  • Subscription Management.
  • Translation.
  • Settings.


  • PHP 7.3
  • Terminal or ssh Access

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • CSRF Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Secure Bcrypt Password Hashing  
Full-Editable Chef Digital Menu ReactNative Version Log
 Version 5.5.1 [05/02/2021]
 1. Decimal Issue Fixed.
 2. Category Delete Issue Fixed.
 3. Time Zone Issue Fixed (open .env = APP_TIMEZONE=America/New_York add this)
 4. Category List Page Footer Bar Added
 5. Ui Bug Fixes.

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