Plax - iOS Chat App with Voice/Video Calls

Now Plax Supports iOS 14 

Notice: We integrated the Notification in the app and it works perfectly with the android app version (Requires Android Plax v2.3+)
But why only get a single top spot when you can get two Now you can get the Android version to get a top spot on the Play store as well. 
With a release ready application, you don’t need extra work to start your chat app. Deliver a professional application to your customers through a nice workflow designed to get both your IOS and Android customers together for better user experience.
Plax! It’s a Full, Native, and Advanced handcrafted IOS Chatapp with real-time Firebase backend
Best way to start your own chat app as it depends on Google Firebase so you don’t need any standalone server (VPS) with the high cost and starting budget.
It can handle 100+K Online users once because it is Google Firebase dependent

Watch a demo


Features : 

Source Code Features:
The Source code contains stunning features.
  • Depends on firebase
  • Supports low IOS version (11)
  • Splendid modern design
  • Supports Admob ads (Banner, Interstitial, Native)
App Features:
The app contains stunning features:
Signup/Sign in Page features:
  • Signup with phone number
  • Country code auto-detection
  • SMS verification
Chat features:
  • One-to-one and Group chatting
  • Voice and Video calling(Using
  • Voice and Video calls support Bluetooth devices
  • Voice and Video calls support headsets
  • Video call supports HD+ 
  • End-to-end message encryption
  • Real-time messaging
  • Send (Text, Emojis, Images, Audio, Videos, Quick snaps, Stickers, Location, and files)
  • Shake to undo delete
  • Send VoiceNotes
  • Typing and Last seen feature
  • Delete for All messages
  • Delete Chat
  • Copy messages
  • Star/Unstar messages
  • Block/Unblock user
  • Mute/Unmute user
Homepage features:
  • View Chats
  • View contacts stories
  • View groups
  • Create a new group(groups can have up to 300 users and 25 admins)
  • View call logs
  • Call a user(Voice or Video )
  • Add a new story
  • Story Archive
  • View contacts stories
  • View starred messages
  • View muted users
  • View blocked users
  • View Settings
Contacts features:
  • View signed up contacts(with online/offline status)
  • Search contacts
  • Invite Friends
  • Refresh contacts
Settings features:
  • Chat settings:  
    • Click Enter to send
    • New message sound
    • Change App font
    • Change chat wallpaper
    • Clear all chats
  • Call settings:
    • Clear call logs
  • Security Settings:
    • In-app Screelock(Enable/Disable)
  • Privacy and policy
  • About
User features:
  • View user profile
  • Change name/statue
  • Update/Remove profile picture
  • Dark mode
  • Qr code
Admin Panel Features:
  • Access users accounts
  • Access Database Data
  • Strong Firebase Security rules
  • Access Storage Data
  • See storage usage
  • See full app statictics
  • Daily active users (last 7 days,last Month)
  • Admob earnings
  • Number and types of Crashes in your apps
  • Time that your users be in the app and wich pages
  • Your users countries and devices
What will you get:
  • Full source code
  • Full step by step documentation with screenshots and videos
  • Full Firebase Database Security Rules
  • Full Firebase Storage Security Rules

Updates : 

Update v2.1 : 
Now plax supports iOS14
Fixed calls bug in iOS12 
Libraries that use UIWebview Updated to WKWebview 
Fixed bug in notifications in production version
Fixed security issue in signup 

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