Pixelgram - The Ultimate PixelPhoto Theme

Pixelgram is a PixelPhoto theme, handcrafted with care. It offers the best performance and advanced features for your site. Pixelgram is the perfect theme for your site.
Make Sure you are using PixelPhoto script before using this theme. Get Script herePixelgram - The Ultimate PixelPhoto Theme - 2 Pixelgram - The Ultimate PixelPhoto Theme - 3 Pixelgram - The Ultimate PixelPhoto Theme - 4 Pixelgram - The Ultimate PixelPhoto Theme - 5 Pixelgram - The Ultimate PixelPhoto Theme - 6


Pixelgram has all the important functions needed to create super fast responsive websites with amazing user experience. It comes with unique design crafted with love which gives your users a sense of true quality.


  • Welcome Page Style Pixelgram theme provides you a different type of Welcome page that helps you make your site different from others.
  • Store Page Make more money from your site by making users sell more stock images on your site.
  • Better Profiles Pixelgram provides best User Experience. Always impress your users by providing them the experience they wanted always.
  • Explore Section Pixelgram theme provides you the best design for Explore page. Now discover pics with ease.
  • SEO Friendly Get your site rank in search result more easily and faster than before.
  • Better Layout Better layout for Blogs, Profiles, Home, Settings, Settings and many others.
  • Mobile Ready Pixelgram theme is fully responsive and looks great on any mobile device.
  • Many More
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