Grocery and Vegetable Delivery Android App with Admin Panel | Multi-Store with 3 Apps


What’s included:

1. Customer Android App Source Code
2. Store Manager Android Source Code App
3. Delivery Boy Android App Source Code
4. Admin Panel PHP Script Source Code
5. Database file & Installation Documentation
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User App
User- 9999999999
password- 12345
Admin panel

Store Web-Panel / App
Driver app
phone- 9999999999
ChangeLog: Version 1.6.6 | 30th August, 2020
  • Added  Paystack Payment Gateway Integrated (for Africa),
  • Added  Firebase OTP for User Verification,
  • Added Bulk Import of Products by admin,
  • Added  Price Update of Products by Store,
  • Added  Bulk Update of Prices & Stock by Store,
  • Added  Sliding Notice feature added on the user app,
  • Resolved  Minor bugs in the backend,
  • Resolved  Minor bugs in the apps,
  • Enhanced : User App Size Reduced,
  • Enhanced : Admin Panel UI.
Version 1.6.5 (22 AUG 2020)
Admin panel
1- Product hide/unhide feature
2- Mapbox Integrated
3- Add home category section (App)
4- Search filter in all tables
5- Mapbox/ google map API key on/off section
6- Store Approval section
Store panel
1- Now store can change Selling price & MRP of its products
2- Search in product selection section
3- Store registration & approval process
User app
1- Mapbox added for User location purpose to show nearby store’s products
2- Home category addition on homepage
Store app
1- Store registration & approval process
2- Order search by cart id or name feature
Delivery boy
1- Order search by cart id or name feature
Version 1.6.4 (30th JULY 2020)
Admin Panel
Added – Payment method On/Off section
User App
Added: Now User will see nearby store products selected & stocked by the store,
Added: Out of stock Feature
Resolved: Paypal payment gateway integration
Store app
Added: Invoice Print Option via thermal printer, Format added
Updated : Documentation of all apps & backend
Version 1.6.3 (6th JULY 2020)
  • Wrong order details on app notification, message,mail on order placing issue solved
  • Order related bugs solved in store manager app
  • Order related bugs solved in delivery boy app
  • UI changes in delivery boy app
  • Admin cancellation issue on admin panel orders section.
Version 1.6.2 (26th June 2020)
Store Panel
- Minor Bugs/issues resolved in backend
- Manually assign delivery boy function added
- reassign delivery boy.
Store App
- Added Manually assign delivery boy
- Added reassign delivery boy
- Changes in UI
- Resolve Minor bugs
Delivery boy App
- Resolved minor bugs
*We have resolved busg reported by users. 
Version 1.6.1 (19th June 2020)
  • Admin Panel
    - Minor Bugs/issues resolved in backend
  • App
    - My orders page new design added
    - Forgot password via e-mail, when otp/sms is off from backend.
    - Currency changed from backend.
    - Solved calendar/time slot bug on order details page.
    - ReOrder Issues Resolved
    - Payment page issues like paid by wallet,cards, promo codes: Resolved
    - User can’t able to order and recharge wallet when he is blocked from backend.
    - Cart bug resolved (when user decrease the quantity of any product to 0 then it will removed from cart)
    - Minor bugs/issues resolved.
Version 1.6 (4th June 2020)
  • Added: Twilio for OTP
  • Added: Option to Turn off OTP
  • Added: Cancel Order section
  • Added: Admin can cancel orders
  • Added: Coupon validation with date and uses restriction
  • Added: Provide all links in admin dashboard,
  • Resolved: Spelling mistakes in some sections,
  • Resolved: Bug in add product, add/edit product variant, coupon section, etc.
User App
  • Added: New UI/UX with more screens support
    - Homepage design
    - Products page design
    - Category page design
    - Order summary page design
    - Payments page design
    - Profile page design
    - Cart page design
    - About us page/ terms and condition
    - Wallet page
    - User active/block functionality
    - Cart with number of items badge in bottom navigation
    - Skip to homepage without signup/sign in
  • Bugs
    Resolved: Cart issues, add/edit address,
  • Resolved: Payment page issue,
  • Resolved: my orders page issues, product search issues, single product page issues.
Version 1.5 (15th May 2020)

Added: Product variants
Added: add products by admin and select by store among them
Added: order automatically assigned to the nearby store of users
Added: when store confirm an order then it will be assigned to nearby delivery boy
Added: store payout request
Added: multicity/multistore
Added: Auto-Order Assigned to nearby stores
Added: Admin can change msg91 key, all three apps FCM server key,app logo, web favicon, Google map api key, delivery fee, app name, currency, time slot.
Version 1.4 (5th Feb 2019)
Fixed: Update Whatsapp number from admin panel
Fixed: Slider issues Resolved<br />Fixed: All 3 apps minor isues Solved
Version 1.3 (14th December 2019)
Fixed: Design Layout issues in all 3 apps.
Fixed: Delivery Boy app Signature issue resolved.
Improved: UI/UX<br />Resolved: Signature and order relation and store in database<br />Resolved: Signature show on admin panel at order detail section<br />Resolved: Update mobile number section on admin panel<br />Resolved: Create api for call number and wahatsapp number<br />Improved: Stablized the codes
Version 1.2 (19th Feb, 2019)
Fixed: Design Layout issues in all 3 apps.
Fixed: Delivery Boy app issues resolved.
Improved: Performance and speed improved.
Improved: Framework style css

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